About Me


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John Gregory is a creative and motivated individual whose goal is to one day become self-supporting.  After many years volunteering at the local senior center and working other jobs, he has focused his attention on developing a career as an artist.  John’s richly colored paintings poignantly communicate his delight and enthusiasm for the natural world and his surroundings.  Some of his favorite subjects are whales, landscapes and cityscapes. His collection includes several views of the Seattle Space Needle.  John continues to hone his skills at a weekly class at the Vibrant Palette Art Center in Seattle and by painting at home.


John is an excellent salesman and loves to sell his paintings and products at craft fairs, gift shops, exhibitions and other events.  He lives with roommates in Kirkland, and enjoys watching movies, traveling and eating out. He is a positive, engaging person, and does not let his physical, communication or cognitive challenges stand in the way of doing the things he enjoys.


Artist Statement


John likes to utilize a wide variety of colors in his work. He typically uses photographs of his travels, pictures from magazines, or drawings as inspiration for his creations. John works in acrylics applied with brushes onto canvas. To create small dots he dips the handle end of the brush into the paint and taps it on the canvas, a favorite technique. To cover large areas he applies the medium with small sponges. He sometimes rely on stencils when depicting more intricate subjects.


When John begins a painting he usually has an idea or concept in mind. Throughout the session he is focused on his work and does not let distractions interfere with his process. As the work evolves it changes dramatically, with the final product being very different from how it started out. His painting style does not fit neatly into a prescribed box. It is unique, just as he is. Some would label his paintings abstract, outsider art or impressionistic. Perhaps it does not matter.


John has a tradition of naming his completed paintings with assistance from fellow students in his art class. His classmates will look at the painting and make suggestions for titles. John will smile or frown to indicate his choice. Painting brings him much satisfaction, pleasure and a sense of accomplishment.

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