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John Gregory is a creative and motivated individual whose goal is to one day become self-supporting.  After many years volunteering at the local senior center and working other jobs, he is now focusing his attention on developing a career as an artist.  John’s richly colored paintings poignantly communicate his delight and enthusiasm for the natural world and his surroundings.  Some of his favorite subjects are whales, outer space and most recently the Seattle skyline.  John continues to hone his skills at a weekly art class and by painting with colleagues at an open studio in Edmonds.  He lives with roomates in Kirkland, Washington and doesn’t let his physical or mental challenges stand in the way of doing the things he enjoys.


Artist Statement


I have been painting for five years now.  I like to use a variety of colors. Mostly, I paint with a brush or if I want small dots I use the end of the paint brush.  If I want to cover a large area of the canvas, I use a sponge.  I have a variety of themes; whales, fish, suns, mountains and rivers.  As the people watch the progress on the canvas, they know what they see that day will be very different the next time they see the painting’s progress. 


My painting style does not fit neatly into prescribed boxes.  It is unique, just like my physical limitations are unique.  Is the painting abstract or outsider art or impressionistic?  Does it really need to fit in a category?  You will need to decide that for yourself.  Painting brings satisfaction, pleasure and a sense of accomplishment.  When I start a painting I usually have an idea or concept.   Sometimes I use a drawing or pictures of examples of what I want to paint.  When painting I am focused and do not let distractions stop me from my work.


I look forward to Thursdays, my painting day at the Northwest Art Center managed by the Bellevue Parks and Recreation.  As my classmates do pottery, I sit off to one side and apply acrylics to the canvas. We have a tradition, the class naming the finished painting since I cannot talk.  The class looks at the painting, suggestions are made, I smile or frown and a decision is made.                            © June 2015